What Are The Benefits Of Keyword Less Domain Names


A domain name extracts the form of two main parts. For example, the domain name Google.com consists of the website’s name (Google) and the domain name extension (.com). Domain names work by acting as a shortcut to the server that hosts your website. A domain name that contains the exact name of your business or brand is called a keyword domain, Google is the biggest example. Before selecting a domain name, it is important to understand the benefits of keyword less domain names.

What are domain names?

A physical address of your website is called a domain name. Domains are the internet addresses of websites, contains unique names which are human-readable and we divided domain name into three parts: a) a top-level domain (b) domain name (c) subdomain

a – The top-level domain

is the end part of the domain name for example .com, .net, .org, etc. it is also called TLD. There are over a thousand TLDs available but the most common include .com, .org, .net, and .edu.

b – Domain name

A domain name is the basic name of the website which are purchased from the registrar. Domain name shows the unique location of a website i.e. www.Example.com in this example is a domain name.

c – Subdomain

A subdomain is added in the front of a domain name, i.e. test.Example.com in this test is a subdomain.

What are keyword Domains?

Keyword domain is a domain name from which one can figure out what is your business, and actually, it all tells about your business, service, product, or your category. Exact matching keywords can be the biggest advantage for your website which may immediately get accurate hits from keyword searches.

For example, a keyword domain could be www.travelblogs.com this domain name contains the keywords travel and blog which is clearly tell that you are a travel blogger. So you are bound to travel blogging, you cannot write other blogs under this like life hacks or tips, etc.

SEO Strategy

When you create a website the first thing you will focus on is a domain name. Usually, people use the company or brand name as a domain name or may put some keywords in a domain. People think that keyword-based domain name is best for SEO but honestly, it is an old strategy.

The keyword domain name comes with high competition and it is quite handy to rank it. Because using keywords in the domain is an old-school SEO strategy which may everyone know and possibly most of the people use it. Other domain names which are ranked, did not get success overnight. It may the result of years of optimization and hard work.

Google’s John Mueller advises SEOs and site owners there’s no ranking benefit associated with having keywords in a domain name.

Let’s have a look at some real-life examples. We are looking for a company name and domain linked to it. We want some graphic design domain name, however, many other companies are already using graphic design in their name and though we got a tough competition in it. Instead, we use a brand name, which may unique and new to people but when people will search for it may shows up first. Because this is a fact that brand name is a small but it got a pivotal victory in search.

Studies show that from the past few years’ keywords in a domain have become less of SEO advantages because keywords are used by many people and it has an amount of competition.

Keyword or keyword less domain names but in fact, both have their pros and cons. Keyword less or short domain name is useful because it comes with branding and uniqueness and it has several options. Here are few advantages of keyword less domain:

Branding: One of the most important reasons for the name of the website without keywords is you can choose a word that is not used widely. For example, if I have to choose graphicsget.com or anything like this then the search engine will give us lots of results based on the first keyword which is graphic. But when you use a custom and unique name which is never been used before then it will get a unique identity in the Search engine. It is very good for your business branding.

Short name: Always use a short name because it is very good for Branding Purpose.

Availability: one of the major problems you could face during choosing a keyword domain that good domain names are already taken in as .com, .org, etc. don’t forget to choose a small domain name that is best for branding instead of a long domain name to get optimized. Don’t choose a long ugly name for the sake of SEO. Just choose the catchy and small one.

Competition: for the keyword domain there is a lot of competition in the same niche, so maximize your option and get a domain name of your own choice. It will rank better for sure.

Pro Tip:

.com domain is best for SEO while the .com domain extension is by far the most popular Top-Level Domain (TLD). Because consumers often trust .com extensions more than others for example .info or .org etc, and having a .com version of your domain is often seen as desirable and is in demand.

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