How To Optimize Website Images For Better SEO Ranking


Making images for your website is a little decisive but it’s great content to attract users to your website.  Images have the importance related info of Search engines, and they improved the loading speed, maximize the visitor’s traffic and rate the search engine. The question is how to optimize website images for better SEO Ranking to strengthen your website in search engine results. You must know the fundamentals of image optimization in order to get a high-rank website with SEO. This is one of the most significant steps to take under the SEO umbrella is image optimization. So let’s take a look at how to format images.

What Is Image Optimization?

It’s the method of making and distributing the first-class pictures in model setup, size, and resolution that result in growing the visitor’s attention. Making an image is about capturing your brand in a picture that shows the business or product of your website It will also help the search engine users to recognize and relate to it. Without appropriate image optimization, you’re wasting a valuable SEO asset.

In addition, the image size is directly affecting the speed and performance of the webpage. Because the image size might slow down the webpage presentation. You can decrease the size of the image but not compromise the quality of the picture. This will definitely maintain the webpage performance and speed and increase the involvement of the users in the website. That’s image optimization.

How To Optimize Images For SEO?

To give your website an impressive chance to succeed with SEO, you should understand the basics of image optimization. Learn the simple and important steps to making your website more competitive in search engines.

Image Format

To optimize the image, we need to take care of the image size and file size that is referred to as the dimension of the picture and space to store it on the webpage. Pictures having a larger size and resolution might slow down the webpage performance and speed and users get irritated.

Moreover, you can optimize the image with a definite size and resolution and that is relatable to your webpage. There is a different format for the image like JPEG is for colored pictures and PNG for a simple picture. SVG images have several features that are good for SEO, being a text-based format is that search engines can read and index your images.

Sometimes we need to compress our image to maintain the quality as well as file size. Many tools offer options to decrease the file size according to the webpage plus stabilize the quality of the picture also.

Image File Name

For the SEO and ranking of the webpage, we need to optimize the image file name also and make it relevant for the search engine and keywords. It will give more strength to SEO. Names of the image make the most sense for the search engine and individuals.

Always use hyphens in between words and not underscores. Use the right format with accurate file size with the perfect quality of the image, will make more traffic to your webpage and it will not low down the performance also.

Use Image Alt Tags

For a search engine, use alt tags and the words would be 15 to 20 that easily talk about the image without the glitch. Alt tags provide a better description of images for better SEO to search engines. The search engine can understand the alternative text and its rank also.

You can compose the word related to the webpage or the brand. It will be easy for the search engine to recognize. Keywords are not important in tags. It will optimize the image very well without any bugs.

SEO-Friendly Image Title

The title of the image will be optimizing also. If the title will not serve the meaning of the image, then use the keywords also that are relevant and suitable according to the webpage. Image titles are not that significant but they will complement the alt text to optimize the image.

Captions For Images

Captions are not like file name or alt text they are shown down the image and talk about the image. The relatable caption will increase the user’s interaction as they will get a glimpse of the article through the image.  If the caption is not relevant to the image users will not impress and it will turn down the webpage and the image optimization will also affect.

Exclusive Images

There are tons of images on the internet but much of them are already used somewhere on someone else webpage. Using unique and exclusive images for better SEO will enhance the search ranking and make more traffic. Image optimization will also be better with this step.


Knowing the methods of image optimization will definitely help to get the perfect webpage without the slowdown of performance and speed. A website with many images related to the business, brand, or product will surely attract new followers and maintain the older ones. Always try to pics new images with the right size image, file image, and perfect caption.

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