How to Keep Your Domain Information Private?

The WHOIS directory is open to the public. If you are new to domain names you perhaps have never heard about WHOIS search.


You are running a small business and you have registered any web domain, you should be well informed about a change in the privacy policy. ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers) is has changed a potential privacy policy in WHOIS (a database of domain names holder). The WHOIS directory is open to the public. If you are new to domain names you perhaps have never heard about WHOIS search. Let’s discuss, what is domain privacy? how to keep your domain information private because you are responsible for the security of your domain name.

Are you a domain owner? To protect your personal information, you need to choose any privacy service so your proxy’s information will appear on a domain registration rather than your personal information like name, address, or any other contact information.

The Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers observed that almost about 20% of domains use proxy or privacy services in order to keep domain information private. Most of them are small business owners or entrepreneurs who don’t want their identity and contact information made available to the public on the internet.

Privacy service providers provide a proxy that will help you to keep your information private. The main reason behind the privacy changes is to make it trouble-free for the domain holder who is facing infringement issues and legal issues to contact the convicted party. On the other hand, if you are running a home-based business or blog site or even a personal site and register a domain with your name then anyone who can access whois can get your personal information i.e. name, address Contact, etc.

Domain Name Rules and Laws require every domain name holder to open up their contact information. A number of people don’t want to disclose their personal information which will be visible to the public on the internet including scammers, hackers, and anyone who can see it. Domain privacy service providers are providing services that will hide your identity and contact information from the public whois databases and replace it with some generic contact information which will help to keep your personal information safe.

Domain Privacy and protection protect you from:

  1. Spam emails and other unwanted emails
  2. Random unwanted phone calls and postal mail
  3. Identity theft/ keep safe from stalkers
  4. Fraudulent domain transfers
  5. Competitors being able to look up your domain name
  6. It will also protect you to harm to your domain’s reputation by scanning Malware and monitoring SEO blacklists.

What is WHOIS and why is it important?

You may think that WHOIS is an acronym, but it is not an acronym instead it is a collection of information and data of domain holders. This data incorporates the proprietor’s complete name, email address, actual location, telephone number, and management team contact, and maybe support contacts.

The entirety of this individual’s personal data is made freely accessible for the internet world to see. It can lead you to more threats and get scam because it is also available to identity thieves, spammers, etc.

Every problem has a solution so you can hide your information by getting services from data privacy and proxy services providers you can register yourself can hide your data for free.

Why should you hide WHOIS information?

You need to hide your personal data to ensure the safety and protection of your personal information. Many proxy service providers hide your data and it is compulsory for some reasons. Here are some reasons why you should hide your information.

Identity protection

Anybody who has an internet connection and a device can access your personal data. It is obvious that you will want to hide your name, email address, phone number, and your address from the public. Because it can lead you to serious trouble, you can protect your information to avoid personal information and data abuse, and identity theft.

Hiding your Address

It is important to hide your address and location. i.e. if you are running an eCommerce store and operating from home then you can experience customers appearing at your door. Or may you will start receiving random phone calls and start reviewing your products through phone either positively or negatively. Some customers may curious about your brick-and-mortar store that actually does not exist. It is obvious that it will not a pleasant experience for you so to prevent these bad experiences you need to hide your information.

Avoiding unwanted offers and spammers

Domain flippers who buy and sell domains use the WHOIS database to pick any random domain names might they are interested in buying or they will bid on it to buy from you.  So they will use your data to make an offer for your domain. It may become irritating for you so by keeping your contact information hidden you can stop unwanted offers for your domain and also you can minimize the chance of getting scam through this.

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