How Much Is My Website Worth? Best Website Valuation Tools


Do you own a website? If yes, you might want to check its worth because that is what determines the value of your website and do you really need to spend your time, energy, and resources on it or not. There are a number of reasons for which you might want to know how much is my website worth and what are the best websites you can use for valuation.

A website is an asset and a business for you, and knowing its worth plays a significant role. Whether you want to sell it or you may want to increase its overall social and fiscal value, website worth determines the step forward and helps you set short term and long term goals and ultimately get the full benefit out of it.

Considering the importance of it, here in this article, you will get to know the factors and parameters that play a role in influencing the website’s worth and what are the best website valuation tools.

Firstly, let us go through the aspects that affect the website’s worth and value.

Factors Affecting the Website Worth

A website can worth as much as $100,000, but there are various parameters that can highly affect its overall value and in no time can significantly decline its worth. Knowing about these factors will help you determine how much is your website worth and what you can do to improve it in case it is not performing well.

Net profit

It is one of the most critical factors which help you in telling the website worth. The higher the profit a website makes, the more worth it has. Buyers take the website as an investment opportunity, and they will not take an interest in a website that does not generate a profit.

Traffic source diversity

The traffic source directly affects the profit a website makes, and thus it highly affects the calculation of overall worth. Organic traffic will indeed have an enormous impact and will require less expense while, on the other hand, paid traffic costs you a lot, and you need to balance out the general expense.


Are you providing valuable content and credible information that adds value to one’s life, or is the content is irrelevant to the subject and the site. It is what brings more traffic to your site, and visitor retention is achieved if the content is appropriate, unique, and applicable.

Age and history of the website

The more history a website has, the better. When shaping the worth of a website, age and history are the prominent factors that are looked for; it gives you an across-the-board idea and the values by which you can extract the net worth of a website.

Generally, the last 12 month data is more important; however, the longer the site has been established, the more worth it will produce.


Monetization is important, and so thus, for the valuation of a website to know its worth. Websites having one method of monetization will have less value and importance, while the website having multiple monetization streams will increase the website’s worth.

Ways to Increase My Website Worth

While you have seen the most crucial factors that affect the worth of a website, knowing how you can improve it is necessary for you and can help you reach your goals in no time. Let’s have a look at a few of the ways you can follow in this regard.

  • Traffic source diversity is one of the biggest factors that highly affect the worth; work on increasing the organic traffic, social media presence, following, referral, blogs, forums, and email subscription are some of the ways you can use to bring more number of visitors to your site.
  • Owning multiple important domain variations is another way to increase the worth of a website.
  • Minimizing the dead points, failures, and mistakes which can lead the website nowhere within a flash of seconds.
  • Improve the quality of the content published on the website, hire content creators and writers so that you get the best quality content
  • Perform search engine optimization in order to bring it to front
  • If you sell the product on a website or have an eCommerce store, offer them multiple products instead of one and do not ever compromise on the quality
  • Niche down so that you know about your market and targeted audience
  • Your website should be mobile-friendly; it will skyrocket the traffic and will help you gain more in terms of profit.
  • To build the authority of the site, you can get backlinks, which will eventually increase the traffic and will also help you in ranking.
  • As mentioned earlier, multiple sources of income and monetization channels should be applied in order to increase the worth.
  • UX/UI design helps you in making the site more attractive and user-friendly. In the end, it will add value to the website and will increase its worth.
  • Last but not the least, use of SSL certificates implies that the website is safe and secure, and it is an extremely crucial factor in today’s world.

Best Website Valuation Tools

There are a wide of tools that you can use when it comes to website valuation. Let’s see what are the best website valuation tools we have.

Site Price

Site Price is one of the best and yet free tools to evaluate a website. All you need is to enter the domain name, and it will present you with all the relevant details in a window. Other than the website info, you get the details of estimated traffic, revenue, site ranking, visibility, and backlinks, and it also gives you a list of top competitors.

Worth of web

The worth of web is another top-rated valuation tool that not only informs you about the worth but also lets you know the estimate it can generate, traffic estimate, social media presence, backlinks analysis, etc. In a nutshell, you get to know all the required details by just putting the domain name in the search bar.

Siteworth lets you know about complete site performance that includes the value of the domain. It is a free domain appraisal tool that measures the exact estimated value of the domain’s name. The search results with the tool let you know about the website income, the age of the website, daily page views, global traffic rank, estimated domain value of the site you enter, and Google index stats.


The importance of website worth is known by all, and increasing the value means increasing the net profit. Go through this article once again and see how you can increase the worth of a website.

This article is a goldmine for you if you own a website as it covers the information by which you will know the worth of your website, and not only that, but you will also get to know the best valuation tools and how you can improve the value of your website.

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