Choose a Domain that Represents Your Business or Brand


Your domain name is the most observable thing and the major part of your business. It is one of the very first things that visitors see and surely it can affect their impression of your online presence, your brand, and your product. So it’s recommended always to choose a domain that represents your business or brand. Because it will help you to increase the traffic on your website. A carelessly chosen domain name may lead to decrease user interest and you will not get enough traffic on your website.

If you want that people type your domain name with ease then give it a simple name. complicated names may be hard to remember and there is a greater chance to spell them incorrectly. In this article, you will learn how to choose the perfect domain name for your business and that will reflect your values.

Importance of domain name

Your domain name is your business asset on the internet and it is also your internet address representing a unique internet protocol (IP) address. Each IP contains unique strings of four unique digits which are separated by dot i.e. just like this. Actually, the domain name is a name given to each numeric IP address so that you can remember any website through a unique name.

The first thing your visitor will see is a URL so you need to make your URL looks good. You can increase your brand awareness by giving the same name to your actual company and your brand on the internet.

Important tips for choosing a domain name:

You can follow these simple tips when choosing a domain name.

Find a brandable name

Always choose an industry-specific and Brandable domain name. Google gives value to brands and favors all the good websites that have built their own name in the market and get recognition. It will also help to boosts website SEO and lends more authenticity to your backlinks. There is a lot more to ranking in SERPs than the only URL but when you choose a good domain name it can give you an extra boost to stand out.

Over and above, your domain name and brand name must be the same. Your domain can help you to stand out on the web and offline too. Otherwise, your client gets confused if they type your brand name in the search bar and get a different website as a result.

Go for the .com extension

There are over 1,200 new domain extensions that you can use. But the internet users and search engines trust a lot of the domain names that end with the .com extension (TLD). So it is always good to prefer the domain name that ends with .com. Don’t forget to lock the extension with .net because in the future if someone will buy the .net domain name on the name of your brand it will create a mess in the future. So it’s better to lock this extension too.

Keep the domain name short

Keep the domain name short and simple, long domain names are hard to remember. It should consist of less than 15 characters, if possible. There are thousands of websites on the internet that comes with short names but they make their place in the market. I.e. Moz, Twitter, WordPress, etc are short in length but easy to remember. Also, avoid modifying the spellings of words as that might confuse users.

Always remember that less is more for the domain name. It should be short and easy to remember and easy to type as well. 2 to 8 words for a domain name are more than enough.

Choose a unique name

You need to choose a domain name that represents your business name, unique and memorable. Google hates the plagiarized words and so it will love the unique domain name with a unique URL. For suggestions, try to use online domain name generator tools. These tools can help you create a meaningful, unique, brandable domain name.

Main keywords in a domain name are important like if you are providing cooking training in Dubai then you can use both keywords in a domain name which will be helpful to target the local traffic. Keywords appropriate to your niche in your domain name can help SEO rankings.

Avoid symbols and hyphens

Makes your business searchable on the internet. Don’t use hyphens, numbers, underscores, punctuation, or other characters that might confuse your visitors. With expectations of being one of a kind and paramount, it tends to be enticing to purchase an attractive domain name.

The drawback of utilizing hyphens or numbers is that they tend to not be unique at all. If somebody already uses the domain name and you register, visitors who type your name into the search bar may forget to type the hyphen and the traffic will go to your competitor’s website.

In conclusion, we have covered, most spoken, discussed, and specific rules which have to be followed during choosing the website domain name. These are the practical tips you can follow for picking the eye-catching name for your brand. However, most important thing is that you cover all your bases before you go out and register your domain name.

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