Best Ways to Get More Organic Traffic with Pinterest


Want to increase organic traffic with Pinterest? Organic traffic simply means the visitors that land on your webpage from unpaid search results. Pinterest is highly relevant to a variety of industries, including digital marketing and eCommerce. Pinterest is a visual search engine and millions of users are following Pinterest to find more about their needs. It can be further used to find new ideas, inspiration, businesses, creativity, and millions of blogs. Pinterest is a great option and a rich source of traffic. Here, you will find out the best ways to get more organic traffic with Pinterest to your website.

Driving traffic with Pinterest works very well in the following topics: design, food, pets, plants, healthy lifestyle, diet, clothing and fashion, beauty, cosmetics, skincare, crafts, traveling. Want to be sure about Pinterest, here are some facts about Pinterest that will amaze you and make it certain that you are using your time wisely.

  • Look at the popularity of the Website, it ranks 27th internationally and has 1.25 billion users per month on its website, and has 42.44% users from the United States.
  • Pinterest gets its most visitors from the search engines and gets the most help from its pins and boards with comparison from other websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.
  • There is rapid growth on the website of the active visitors and the number of users increases in double in few years.
  • The website Pinterest gets the 5th rank on popularity in the digital world and is available on Google Store for Android and on App Store for Apple users with many good reviews and stars that added much positivity and users on the site.
  • If talking about the United States, women, men, and people age 19 to 50 uses Pinterest
  • Registered Users of Pinterest use this site for buying new stuff to get the ideas of the item they are obtaining.
  • Pins stay for a long time if they are augmented appropriately than any other digital website like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.
  • Even though Pinterest doesn’t have the 1st rank on social media but it’s the most used, common, appraised website that involves the visitors and they are happy to invest.

How Pinterest Helps Increase Organic Traffic

There is a power behind using Pinterest to drive traffic to your blog. Following facts make Pinterest valuable to get more visitors which are as follows.

Pinterest is a visual search engine

Produce Pins That Turn To Relatable Posts

Create boards related to your niche and start creating new pins. Always, use high-resolution pictures. Pinterest always improves its pins structure system so that users see the pins on their home page. Your pins move to the top of the queue if they’re high-quality images with substance. The pictures that are not relevant are not shown much and there will be fewer chances to get organic traffic with Pinterest.

Nowadays, Pinterest is more upgraded and they always make changes according to the users’ needs and the reviews they get. Pins can have a long lifespan beyond Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, which makes it the prime social real estate for your evergreen content.

Target To Maximize The Users

Pinterest is a good source of organic traffic to your website especially for bloggers and other small business owners. The most successful strategy is to find the best time and day to pin. The most common thing to do to get the maximum number of users is to post the pins that engage your followers. If more people get interested in your pins, then Pinterest will show your pins to users’ feeds to get more attention, and then more people will influence and follow you.

In addition, try to repin your material so that it’s shown more frequently to new users. Boards that have fewer followers or users sometimes make the much traffic and repins than the board that has the much large number of people who follow them. The thing that makes magic for organic traffic with Pinterest is to form or produce the pins that are seen and noticed by a common person even if that is not the follower or the relatable visitors.

Pin Title and Description

A website like Pinterest is not a networking site but it’s like a search engine that has images to search for help and motivation. If you want your pin to draw attention and generate traffic back to your blog, it’s a great idea to start adding text to your image. So it is recommended to focus on your Pin Titles & Pin Descriptions to engage new audiences.

Furthermore, the pin description is what makes it more worthy of search and relatable to millions of users. As discussed above, when more people will take interest in your pin the Pinterest will put your pin on the picked for you and on the feed on the users.

Relatable Keywords

You have to use industry-specific words if you want the pin to generate organic traffic with Pinterest on your website. Include 2 to 3 keywords within your pin description. Choose keywords for board names carefully. Here the important thing is the name of your board to target a specific type of audience or public. Tie in keywords that are specific to that content.

If your pin is related to food then the name and keywords of your board must be food or cooking tips. This will highlight the subject of your pint to Pinterest and more people that have an interest in food, Pinterest will show them those pins. You can increase the chances of your pins appearing in “Picked for You” and your interest feeds by using valuable keywords.

Pin Consistently & Frequently

As discussed earlier, Pinterest upgrades its algorithm to make pins more constant of home feed and take longer to disappear. It builds more traffic to the Website. But that happens when you will post pins regularly and the material is relatable and interesting to the audience. People recommend posting 5 to 10 pins a day and made the keyword and its description more exciting that will attract more followers or even non-follower and make them consistent with your upcoming posts.

Posting on daily basis will make you closer to the audience and the followers will relate with you as well. Pinterest also places those people’s pins of home feed who put pins on regularly.

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